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Branding & Print

JS 2013

This is the visual branding for Cedarville University’s annual Junior-Senior banquet, one of the largest events of the year. As creative director, I planned the visuals; created all designs including the logo, posters, website, and other promotional materials; and oversaw the branding of the event across multiple media (print, web, and video). 

Event photography credit: Taylor Schlabach



The concept behind this piece is to provide Guests of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom with a comprehensive guide to the park, including "insider" tips from my family's years of vacationing at Disney. Final size of the booklet is 8.5" x 5.5". All illustration, design, layout, and copywriting is my own.

This is a personal, non-commercial project designed around my love for Disney; all Disney IP belongs to Disney.



This identity was created for a brand of organic sea salt. The client was looking for a new identity that communicated elegance, sophistication, simplicity, as well as a contemporary edge. I created a monogram to give the identity a polished image and chose a bright blue as a thematic contrast of a contemporary tone.


The Heights Branding

My client was looking for a vibrant, fresh rebranding to capture a younger, multigenerational audience and to provide a distinct identity. Incorporating my client's request to base the design off their four values "exalt, equip, encourage, and engage", I created this abstract wordmark that could be further rearranged to symbolize each of the four values. We shortened the name to "The Heights", which references the location of the church and also symbolizes the heights of glory and spirituality found through worship. 



These identities were created for a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families make healthy eating choices. The client was looking for an identity for their Kids Club program for kids K–6th grade. I created a mark that would appeal to kids this age and above, so not to appear too childish for the older kids in the program. My concept was to express a "superhero" or vintage theme that communicated power, strength, and health. An additional identity was created for their Parents Group branch.


"If You're Out There" Album Cover

Three a cappella groups that met at a festival in November 2015 joined forces soon after their initial meeting to cover John Legend's "If You're Out There" and donate proceeds to those affected by the Paris attacks. I eagerly donated my design services to create artwork for their single, released in May 2016. The design represents Paris as a beacon of hope, strength, and power to the world, with this song as a call-to-arms for peace. 



This project was created for an international typography and culture poster competition. My goal was to bring awareness to the issue of modern-day slavery and set it against the freedom found in most Western cultures. This Vietnamese word translates to chain, which is then contrasted with the English word free. The concept of slavery versus freedom is symbolized in the imagery of the restrained bird in flight. The bird, while trying to fly, is not only cast in a hard metal (which would prevent its flight) but is also held back by the lines representing chains. The lines also represent strings holding a puppet, which symbolizes how people who are enslaved are forced to act in ways or perform certain tasks that they do not want to do.



Over 700 graduating seniors at Cedarville University wore this t-shirt, given to them by the Alumni Relations office. My client wanted a Midwest, homespun, vintage-yet-timeless update to this annual gift to future graduates. I was assigned this project through my design position with the university's Marketing department.